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Sun Is Up #LifeIsGood #WashingtonDC #SlimK #SlimKhezri (at Washington Monument)

I do support the ‘Freedom From Religion Foundation’, when it comes to government, education and law!!!! FFRF’s ad featuring Ron Reagan describing himself as “an unabashed atheist” has been rejected for airing by CBS, not only by “60 Minutes,” the desired placement, but for any CBS TV show. The ad aired last May on both “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

“It seems that excess gas, erectile dysfunction and other intimate bodily functions, not to mention ads wherein political candidates viciously attack each other, are acceptable,” said Dan Barker, who co-directs #FFRF. “But the plain-spoken, witty and slightly irreverent remarks of a well-known figure identifying as #atheist are too much for the delicate sensibilities of CBS’ censors.”

Keep #Religion OUT of Politics! See more at:

Now thats a rare photo!! August 10, 1984. Rancho Del Cielo. Here’s #RonaldReagan, three years into his first term, more than ready to kick your ass then crush a tan can of Coors Banquet Beer. R-Dog. Double R. He looks more like a Ron. Maybe a Ronnie.

Arms crossed, work gloves on, ready for business. A sunny day in #California. A then-president just being, well, a man. What more do you need to know?


Quick late #lunch @TraderJoes #food #salad #eating 🍴 (at Los Angeles, California)

I find one of the worst things in life is ‪#comfortability! Try an activity you’re totally unfamiliar with. When we limit ourselves to doing things we’re great at, we end up missing out on NEW & fresh ‪#experience. We get comfy (or as I call it, rather ‪#mediocre), and tend to avoid doing any new ‪#activities we could potentially suck at. And we very well might suck — but that’s totally OK. Don’t be afraid to fail, at least you got an experience out of it. Sticking with the same old lineup will never lead to excitement or adventure. I don’t easily get bored, but I do get.. BORED (with same ol activities, or even people doing the same ol same ol). I rarely experience boredom, I find it sad, to read a great number of comments on the Internet, saying “they are bored”.. perhaps YOU are boring. New endeavors stretch your brain and expand your horizons. Think outside the box. There’s so much to learn, to see, to do, so little time. It is ‪#impossible to be bored these days. Get busy. Life is good!
Slim K

BELIEVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT EXTREME POVERTY BY 2030. SIGN UP AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT | Slim K Supports ‪#‎GlobalCitizenFestival‬. Take action today. Earn points. See Impact. Win ‪#‎GlobalCitizenTickets‬ year-round. ‪#‎FightPoverty‬ ‪#‎antipoverty‬ ‪#‎ZeroPoverty2030‬ ‪#‎GlobalCitizen‬ #SlimK #SlimKhezri #DoubajenRecords

BELIEVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT EXTREME POVERTY BY 2030. SIGN UP AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT | Slim K Supports #GlobalCitizenFestival. - Take action. Earn points. See Impact. Win #GlobalCitizenTickets year-round. #FightPoverty

Don’t just look, observe. Don’t just breathe, smell. Don’t just sleep, dream. Don’t just think, feel. Don’t just exist, live.. Life is good! #Happiness #Lifeisgrand #relaxation #weekend #SlimK (at Gold’s Gym, Los Angeles, CA)

"The Yin to my Yang..". My beautiful lady, taken at ‘Pole Convention’ Mexico. #phoenixkazree 💋

Finished (baking) Cooking! Dinner tonight: Brussels sprouts, baked in olive oil, herbs, red onions & garlic/ Potatoes baked in olive oil, garlic, mild curry sauce/ Vegetable melange (organic onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, squash (all) baked in garlic lemon juice)/ Organic lean chicken, marinated & baked in Kansas-style BBQ sauce, olive oil, garlic, salt & peppers.

It’s about to go down, life is good.. Let’s Eat!

#dinner #food #cooking #vegetables #grill #chicken #familytime #happyhour #LifeIsGood #HomeSweetHome 🍴🍷🍗 (at Los Angeles, California)

Enjoying a beautiful afternoon #Goodevening at The Capitol #WashingtonDC #travel #relaxation (at US Capitol, Washington DC)

Interesting very interesting!! The Myth: Jackie Robinson was the “first” African American to play in the Major Leagues. The great Jackie Robinson accomplished an amazing amount in his lifetime both on and off the field. BUT He was NOT the first African-American, it was Moses Fleetwood Walker AND his brother Welday Walker who were there before Jackie Robinson.

During the 1880s, Moses Fleetwood Walker, a black man, had played for the Toledo Blue Stockings of the American Association (his brother Welday Walker also played a few games with the club), and it was essentially against Fleetwood Walker that the line was originally drawn. ‪#‎African‬-Americans had been excluded from major league baseball since 1884, and from all of professional ‪#‎baseball‬ since 1889.

HOWEVER, even these two men weren’t the “FIRST”, there was another one earlier.. The real first African American to play in the major leagues, and the only former slave to do so, is now generally thought to be a man by the name of William Edward White. Eighteen year old White, who at the time was a student at Brown, replaced an injured Joe Start in one single game in the Majors, playing for the National League Providence Grays on June 21, 1879. This was five years before Fleetwood Walker would make his Major League debut. In that game, White went 1 for 4 and scored a run in a game the Grays won 5 to 3.

Wikipedia: William Edward White (1860–1937) was a 19th-century baseball player. He played as a substitute in one professional baseball game for the Providence Grays of the National League, on June 21, 1879. ‪#‎sports‬ ‪#‎athletes‬ ‪#‎history‬

"Don’t mess with my wife!" #exercise #workout #fitness #gym #GoldsGym #phoenixkazree #SlimK #LosAngeles #California #LifeIsGood #fun #athlete #healthy (at Gold’s Gym, Los Angeles, CA)

Madame Khezri (aka Phoenix Kazree) performing at Colorado Pole Championship 2014, held at the Boulder Theater, in Denver (Colorado). *Saturday, September 20.

‪#‎poleart‬ ‪#‎poledance‬ ‪#‎athlete‬ ‪#‎sport‬ ‪#‎entertainment‬ ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎phoenixkazree‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎performance‬

"Oh Happy Day".. Birds are singing, the Sun is shining, California at its best.. It’s a beautiful Tuesday. Late #brunch ☕️🍴☀️ #LifeIsGood #HomeSweetHome #LosAngeles #California #Coffee (at Los Angeles, California)