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I love coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.. Am I really here?, enjoying this beautiful weather at the park? Maybe not! Lol #cheers #lifeisgood #coffee #happyday #happytuesday #slimk #WashingtonDC

Dinner tonight at “&pizza” (Washington DC)

Grecian Market pizza (*Wholewheat dough + Red Chickpea Spread, Local Mushroom Blend, Broccoli Florets, Kalamata Olives, Pickled Red Onions, #Falafel Crumbles, Crumbled Feta Cheese, Tzatziki Yogurt)

Moonstruck pizza (*Wholegrain dough + Mushroom Truffle, Roasted Local Mushroom Blend, Crumbled Goat Cheese, #Fig Marsala, Red Pepper Chili Oil, Cracked Black Pepper)

Gnarlic pizza (*Wholewheat dough + Roasted Garlic Purée, Housemade Mozzarella, Ricotta Spread, Quattro Formaggi Blend, Garlic Oil, Cracked Black Pepper, Egg, Grilled #Chicken, Basil Leaves)

Lets Eat! #lifeisgood #dinner #restaurant #italianfood #pizza #happyhour

"Less wishing, more doing!" If you’re interested in something, you will do what is convenient. If you’re committed to something, you will do whatever it takes. #wisdom #motivation #lifeisgood

Late night candy :p #lifeissweet #relaxation #sweet #goodtimes #candy #sexy

Tonight’s the night.. #cheers 🍷 #robertmondavi #wine #lifeissweet #happyhour #goodevening #happysunday

Smile! We’re on camera folks .. #familytime #fun #happysunday #slimk

This is a brilliant interview, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, loaded with so much information, detail, history, facts .. a must see! (it’s unfortunately in #Arabic language). Thanks Hazem for bringing this to my attention, seriously what a great intellectual mind, by German/ Egyptian author Hamed Abdel-Samad . I agree with pretty much everything he mentioned .. #truth. The political #Islam these days is nothing but an intolerant, and dangerous fascistic ideology, especially in modern times, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the creation the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928 in Egypt. It has NO balance for modern society, nor a place in politics or government for that matter. It’s so true about the origins of fascism, how its born out of anger and revenge (See after WW1 where it came from, #Germany, #Italy and Egypt) and it makes sense this “Islamic” comeback all of the sudden, since Sept 11, 2001.

Superb, intellectual and on point interview!!! Very informative and interesting episode! (y) #religion #history #radicalism #fascism #worldwar1 #caliphate #islam

Very Interesting! In the wake of the recent war in Gaza, many readers have asked “Why don’t you criticize Israel?” Here is my response.

Good news! US ‘will send migrant youths home’. President #Obama meets Central American leaders and says undocumented immigrant children without legal claims to be in the US will be sent home. The presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador met Mr Obama at the White House on Friday to discuss the crisis at the US southern border.

More than 50,000 children, many unaccompanied, have been detained at the border since October. #illegal #immigrants #central #America

Sunday brunch: Banana walnut pancakes + illy Coffee #happysunday #goodmorning #lifeissweet

Happy 71st Birthday Sir Mick Jagger #TheRollingStones #artist #legend #icon #superstar #MickJagger #AndyWarhol #arts #artforfreedom #photography #art

C’est la vie, or is it? Jews killing #Muslims (Israel/ Gaza conflict), #Buddhists killing Muslims (Myanmar or Burma conflict), #Shia killing #Sunnis (Iraq).. How about Muslims killing Christians (in Iraq and in Syria), just wondering! #Religious cleansing in Iraq is making a “hateful mockery” of international law which should protect people and uphold their freedom to follow our own beliefs. World community is silent (as they are with all other issues). The last Christian has now been expelled from Mosul. The light of religious freedom, along with the entire Christian presence, has been extinguished in the Bible’s “great city of Nineveh” — the centre of Christianity in Iraq for two millenniums. This follows the uncompromising ultimatum by the criminal jihadists of ISIS to convert or die.

The circle of ‘bullshit’ goes round and round.. everyone’s wrong, everyones right. Cheers. #contradiction #Islam #radical #inequality #Christians #Jews #Middleeast #Iraq

Even before the arrival of Isis, targeted persecution of Iraq’s Christians, who still pray in Aramaic, the language of ancient Judea & Jesus, was ignored. The numbers in Mosul have gone from 30,000 to zero. The incompetent Iraqi Shia government is busy favoring their own people, and ignoring anyone else from Sunni, Kurds to let alone Christians. Iraq.. what a disaster, what a mess!!!

The Young Martyr (1855), by Paul Delaroche. #arts #artist #artforfreedom #painting #drawing

Are you kidding me? The radical Islamic State of #Iraq and #Syria (ISIS) ‘terrorist’ group has destroyed shrines belonging to two prophets, highly revered by both Christians, Jews and #Muslims around the world, in the northern city of Mosul, al-Sumaria News reported Thursday (July 24). Damn shame.. I don’t care if you are religious or not, I am not, however historical sights are off limits, no matter their significance, anything centuries or thousands of years old should and must be respected and preserved. #Religion may have served some useful purpose for #humanity in the past. Sadly, it is now the greatest impediment to building a global civilization in the future. Therefore, #Islam must grow up, be reformed, progress or balanced or stopped.. the status quo of having ignorant animals taking hostage of this religion is ridiculous, where the f*ck are the so called moderates? there’s none!!! We (as a civilization) cannot move forward. Sorry! times up. Damn bastards ..

The holy site is said to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale or great fish in the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions. #ignorance #radicalislam #stupid #isis #terrorists #arabs

(CNN) — If you blink during the video, you might miss the moment an explosion destroys what is said to have been the tomb of Jonah, a key figure in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

In the midst of news about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some people are posting photos online for an international social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, with the hash-tag, #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. Now if there’s something I personally learned from holding pieces of papers and hash-tags, they are to 95% ineffective, irrelevant and pointless, unfortunately nothing but novelty and trends.. it’s cute (which brings to mind the last one I was involved with, I wonder what happened to the 300 kidnapped girls by Boko Haram last April in Nigeria! Anyone? Anybody?).

Get real folks, if kissing, loving, singing “We are the World”, holding candles & hands, and a piece of paper were to be the ‘solution’, then I am sure to tell you: “Keep dreaming”. In my opinion there are two solutions. Solution #1: All the people from all around the world kick out the #Palestinian and the #Israeli governments from their positions. Hire worldly, intellectual & reasonable secular people with dignity and humanity at heart (Most probably people with love and that “piece of paper with hash-tag” type hahaha). Give them a couple of years to spread love and rainbows. Let the Palestinians and Jews mix up a little bit if you know what I mean (So they get the hang of it, instead of grooming each other of annihilating each other). If the two sides accepted each other, in time we can have “one land, one army, one government, one everything”, where the citizens have the option (right) to equality & select the passport (Citizens have the right to select whether to get Palestinian or Israeli passports) and the land can be called something like “Joint Palestine-Israel State Solution”.

Solution #2, is the more realistic solution: Wait for WW3 (World War 3) (y)

PS: Update (Sat July 26); #Hamas fires rockets toward #Israel after terror group rejects 4-hour cease-fire extension in #Gaza